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Wheatgrass Series
It blends wheatgrass with other important ingredients to maximise its efficacy. It also neutralizes pH and boosts the vigor of the body. The whole wheatgrass with roots are high in minerals, vitamin and chlorophyll.
Wheatgrass Powder
The King of alkaline foods. The only wheatgrass with roots to neutralize cooling effect(nausea,dizziness) and soothe stomach problem. Equipped with complete nutrition: vitamins, minerals, amino acids and chlorophyll.

Key ingredient: Wheatgrass(included root).
Skywheat Chewable Tablet
Help in cleanse toxin, reduce indigestion, reduce cardiovascular diseases and provide antioxidant.

Key ingredients: Wheatgrass(included root), Red rice, Aerosil, Magnesium strerate
Functional & Nutraceutical Series
This is the result of sourcing and formulating specific hearbs complex to promote specific functions of health, from better eye sights, reducing blood glucose to improving digestive, immune system and liver.
Blend of prebiotics and probiotic to ensure the healthy digestion and increase immunity.

Key ingredients: Probiotics, fructooligosaccharide, multienzyme complex, melastoma, coenzyme Q10.
Effective in reduce joint pain and stimulate the growth of cartilage tissues, improve the health of bones by increase the compact structure of bones.

Key ingredients: Marine Collagen Peptides, Soya bean powder, Mangosteen Extract, ascorbic acid, egg yolk peptides, melastoma.
Detoxification & Weight Management Series
From promoting healthy digestive system to regulating colon cleansing, this series helps detox and manage weight of consumers, gaining back their own confidence.
So Easy
A nutritionally-balanced, safe, natural and healthy way to lose weight through 3 functional stages in detoxification, healing and nourishing.

Key ingredients: Wheatgrass(included roots), enzyme, vegetable powder, soya bean, fruit fiber, omega, fiber, fruit and vegetable husk, guar gum, fruit flavor, red rice.
Bio Refine
Specified blood types product in detox and regulative product. Effectively in eliminates toxin and heavy metal which accumulated in body due to daily diet consumption.

Key ingredients: Lemon extract, pineapple extract enzyme, black fungus extract, dandelion root, licorice root, milk thistle, black walnut, chlorophyll, fenugreek, parsley, angelica sinensis.
Bio Drink Beverage Series
Tailor-made customized beverage with botanical source from reliable suppliers of all over the world. This series promotes blood circulation, vitality and more.
Provide various nutrient to body with natural oligosaccharides and non-GMO soybean and wheatgrass essence.

Key ingredients: Soy bean powder, isolated soy protein, oligosaccharides, wheatgrass powder, isoflavones.
SuperNutri Grains Meal
Blend of multi-grains with others nutritious ingredient in a beverage as part of varied and balanced diet for a healthy lifestyle.

Key ingredients: Multi-grains, multi-beans powder, multi-seeds, melastoma, wheatgrass powder, vanilla powder
Nutrition and Nourishment Series
Whether it is cereal oat, soymilk, goat milk or enzyme-aids milk, this series is nutrient-rich and helps replenish the standard daily required nutrient and total health.
Bio Peptide
High bioavailability, provide daily protein recommended intake and speed up the absorption by body.

Key ingredients: Peptide, Fructo-oligosaccharides.
Health Protein
Blend of variety of plant protein which contains FOS in aids digestive system.

Key ingredients: Peas Protein powder (PISANETM), Rice protein powder, amino acids powder, fructooligosaccharide.
Women's Health Series
We show our care for all women with this series by focusing on their specific needs. It has collagen, natural herbs extract, women's coffee and soymilk to enhace their beauty, youth and total healthliver.
Hi-Collagen + Plant Stem Cell
Blend of high collagen for skin firmness and moisture, premium mixed with plant stem cell to prevent the aging of skin.

Key ingredients: Marine Collagen Peptides, plant stem cell, mixed berries extract, white fungus extract, Omega-3, Omega-6, Vitamin C.
In-white Beauty Skin
High in multifunctional intracellular antioxidant which powerful aid to body in protecting against radiation and pollution.

Key ingredients: NutroxsunTM, L-Cystine powder, animal placenta, astaxanthin, isoflavones, juice powder.
Men's Health Series
Men can now afford to boost their stamina, vitality and energy with tongkat ali, horny goat weed, saw palmetto and others natural herbs extract.
Man Plus
Traditionally used for energy and men's health

Key ingredients: Saw palmetto and horny goat weed
Tongkat Ali Tea Bag
Traditionally used for vitality and men's health

Key ingredients: Tongkat Ali extract
Children's Health & Growth Series
This series is formulated with nutritional goodness for children to improve their immunity, healthy bone, eyesights and total health.
ITO IMU Nutrimeal
Perfect meal to improve brain alertness and memory power.

Key ingredients: Bean lecithin, plant protein, wheat plumule, glucose, fiber, colostrums, oats powder, honey, dehydrated vegetable, dehyddrated fruit, bean extract.
IMU kids Colostrum chewable tablet
Blends of ingredients to increase the immunity of kids and boost up their immunity defense.

Key ingredients: Colostrum powder, milk powder, spirulina powder